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Summer is here! School is out and the kids are playing in the yard. You are spending time by the pool, out in the garden, at the BBQ grill, and mowing the lawn. Mosquitoes and ticks are out, but they don’t need to keep you indoors. Consider hiring a pest control professional to treat for mosquitoes and ticks so you can reclaim your yard.

Our Organic Tick Treatments are applied to the vegetation around your home. Shrubs, bushes, small trees and the lawn are housing ticks close to your home. The perimeter of your yard is treated as well, putting a barrier in places where ticks are waiting to be picked up by someone passing by. L.A. Iacono LLC will inspect, identify conducive conditions, make recommendations and provide a thorough application with a Certified Organic Product

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You don’t have to be walking in the woods to be bitten by a tick. You can get bitten by a tick in your backyard. Ticks like damp, shady, brushy areas where they can wait for a person or an animal to come by. The tick waits for direct contact with a passing person or animal as a hitchhiker.

Steps you can take to help with ticks:

  • Keep grass cut short. Ticks prefer tall grass and shrubs, where they wait to attach to a passing person or animal.
  • Remove decomposing leaf piles and brush from around your home. Ticks like to live in these areas.
  • Prune low lying bushes to allow sunlight to come in. This keeps the area from being damp and shady, less attractive to ticks.
  • Keep wood piles and bird feeders off the ground. This makes your yard less attractive for mice and other small rodents that carry ticks.
  • Use a 3-foot-wide barrier of mulch and gravel around the perimeter of your yard. Ticks are less likely to cross the barrier into the lawn because they are prone to drying out.
  • Check for ticks! Check yourself, family and pets after spending time in the yard.

Have a Pest Control Professional such as L.A. Iacono, LLC treat your property. We recommend our organic tick control product!


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